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Acquire Storage and Space with Kitchen Peninsulas Fox News

“We recently profiled options for ski
y islands in small kitchens. For those who canu2019t swing a micro island, either due to the size or the layout of their kitchen, perhaps a petite peninsula can fill the need for more storage or countertop space. Hereu2019s how.
The main difference between a kitchen island and a peninsula is that the former is open and unattached on all four sides, whereas the latter is open on just three sides. Because of this, a peninsula tends to be a fixed piece of cabinetry in a kitchen, unlike an island, which can be a freestanding piece of furniture or even a cart on wheels.
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But what a peninsula lacks in flexibility it more than makes up for in function. As with an island, the base can be used for extra storage, and the surface can be used for cooking prep or as a casual place to sit around. Itu2019s therefore a terrific alternative in a kitchen where an island simply isnu2019t an option.”

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