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best and most noticeably awful Bond signature melodies positioned Which are works of art and which require their status repudiated Digital Spy

“Adele’s Oscar wi
er ‘Skyfall’ was exactly the right song for the occasion of Bond’s 50th a
iversary. A Bondian tune with a big voice, big chorus and big instrumentation. Lyrically this might not be the most sophisticated theme of the lot, but on the first listen of those opening bars it all clicks into place u2013 this feels exactly how a classic Bond theme should.
6. ‘From Russia with Love’ – Matt Monro (1963)
The very first Bond movie Dr No used an instrumental version of the Monty Norman/John Barry theme, so this was the first official Bond theme song. It might be a little more laid-back than some of the franchise’s ballsier outings, but Monro’s silky-smooth voice is irresistible and makes for the perfect accompaniment to Sean Co
ery’s stylish second 007 outing.
5. ‘Thunderball’ – Tom Jones (1965)
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‘Thunderball’ had a tumultuous genesis, with Shirley Bassey and Dio
e Warwick both having songs for the movie rejected before Tom Jones was rushed in. The material is fairly generic Bond and composer John Barry wisely advised Jones not to read into the lyrics, which was definitely for the best. Despite that, Jones was a pitch perfect choice and gains extra points for fainting in the studio after delivering the final high note.
4. ‘Nobody Does It Better’ – Carly Simon (1977)”

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