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“Restaurant review: Elevation Burger, Latham For all its high-minded aura, is Elevation Burger really much better than Five Guys? You decide
There’s no shortage of fast-casual burger love in the Capital Region. Shiny Burger21, BurgerFi and Smashburger franchises have joined the fistful of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, local-born Juicy Burgers and newcomer Crave, the latter feeding Albany’s student base. Sonic gave us our first carhop drive-through u2014 the opening excitement causing major traffic headaches in Latham u2014 and Troy is now the lucky recipient of franchise No. 2. Come on, Da
y Meyer: Will Shake Shack be along soon?
The ethically driven, highbrow Elevation Burger has finally* entered the fray in Latham’s Fresh Market Commons (*finally, after a
ouncements going back to 2015). The location is either marketing genius or a death wish, wedged in a far corner between ta
ing, nail and waxing salons, Je
y Craig weight loss and Scottrade.
Less than a mile away from the month-old Elevation Burger is a location of Five Guys, a chain that has been in the area for almost a dozen years. With a comparable menu and identical mix-your-own Coca Cola “freestyle” soda machines, Five Guys is Elevation’s nearest natural competitor. Let the battle begin.
More Information Elevation Burger 664 New Loudon Road (The Fresh Market plaza) Latham Phone: 608-0019 Web: Cuisine: Fast-casual organic burgers and shakes. Beef ground on site. Ambiance: Clean fast-food restaurant with moral compass, Alpine logo and green recycled furnishings and recycled packaging. Price: $ Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Credit cards: All major. Parking: Shopping-plaza lot. Handicapped accessible: Yes. Five Guys Burgers and Fries 602 New Loudon Road (Newton Plaza) Latham Phone: 785-0423 Web: Cuisine: Fast-casual burgers, hot dogs, shakes. Ambiance: Retro fast-food restaurant with signature potato sacks and free peanuts. Price: $ Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Credit cards: All major. Parking: Shopping-plaza lot. Handicapped accessible: Yes. Price ratings for inexpensive eateries based on average of entru00e9e costs: $: $9.95 and less $$: $9.95-$15.95 $$$: $15.95 and higher
Since it was founded in 2005, Elevation Burger has opened 59 franchises, while the Merrill family’s Five Guys empire has expanded to 1,500 domestic and international locations since 1986, giving a David and Goliath complex to comparison. But in 2014, sweetly organic Elevation Burger installed a former McDonald’s executive as CEO, and a 30-year Burger King and Arby’s industry-veteran as VP of operations. Somewhere in the small print is a cutthroat goal of burger domination.
Because it’s my instinct to drive the moral high road past yellow arches, I schlepped an entourage of 7- to 94-year-olds to Elevation Burger. I’m the red dot epicenter of the chain’s target demographic, eating up its sustainability focus, organic ingredients, free-range and grass-fed protein, green building materials and recycled post-consumer waste, and driving the family car and paying the tab. Then again, unhappy passengers can revolt.”

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