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My Kitchen Window Iowa Farmer Today

“Submitted by her daughter, Glenda Fitzgerald
Note: u201cOur farmhouse stood in a high spot in the middle of the farm so you could see clearly to the west, north, and slightly east. She tells of things that she held dear as a farm wife and mother. I currently live on that farm and have similar sentiments that my mother had.u201d
From my kitchen window I plainly see
A sight that means so much to me.
If you looked, the sights wouldnu2019t hold
The things that are to me pure gold.
There are Glendau2019s ducks upon the pond
Of which we are all more than fond.
Her Angus heifer she calls Holiday
She feeds her nubbins and then some hay.
The barn that was red but now needs painting
Iu2019d try it myself but Iu2019m afraid of fainting.
Iu2019d climb so high to the gable end
My knees would grow weak and Iu2019d be
u201cGone with the wind.u201d
The road that leads to the little house”

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