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Saturday Kitchens James Martin says he is no aficionado of famehungry good dieting cooks Metro

“James Martin is u2018avin nowt u2018o that chelpinu2019 about gluten-free and low-sugar food (Picture: BBC)
Saturday Kitchen king James Martin has revealed a personal dislike for the current trend of cooks u2018lecturingu2019 the public about healthy eating.
20 years on, where is the Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast now?
As the amiable Yorkshire chef, 44, is accustomed to using and eating luxurious ingredients, he doesnu2019t see sense in pussy-footing about with low-calorie recipes.
Mind you, he also revealed what he ate for breakfast during his chef heyday u2014 and we donu2019t know whether to feel disgusted or impressed. Scrap that, weu2019re impressed.
Talking to Woman, James explained: u2018I trained in some of the best restaurants in the world, Iu2019m not going to do that a disservice by cooking wheatgrass!
James, as we know him best, on Saturday Kitchen (Picture: BBC)
u2018If youu2019re lecturing people you should be a nutritionist.
u2018The problem is these cooks u2013 and theyu2019re cooks, not chefs u2013 just want to be famous so theyu2019re lecturing people on what they should eat and itu2019s a dangerous game.”

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