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Southern Rail in desperate straits as little kitchen apparatus causes The Canary

“Southern Rail passengers faced more chaos on Thursday 16 February. Delays and cancellations that hit south Londonu2019s rail network left them stranded. But the rail operatoru2019s excuse is one of the most unbelievable yet.
We gotta install a microwave ovenu2026
Trains via South Croydon faced severe disruption after a microwave oven blocked a track. The Evening Standard reported that Southernu2019s website said:
Owing to a microwave oven on the track, the line throughu2026 South Croydon is blocked. This also means that no trains can run between Sanderstead and East Croydon.
Network Rail tweeted:
#SouthCroydon Staff are on site with BTP. Apologies if you are affected. More to follow. @nationalrailenq u2014 Network Rail (@networkrail) February 16, 2017
We got to move these colour TVsu2026?
The alleged microwave disrupted services for several hours. But it left passengers baffled:
So someone apparently chucks a microwave onto the tracks at South Croydon!! Seriously I know Southern Rail are sh*t but really? u2014 Zara McG (@xsara_1892) February 16, 2017”

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