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The Best Shops on Etsy for Vintage Kitchenware Bon Appetit

“Sometimes you need a break from the craziness of this modern age, which is why we’re celebrating nostalgic foods this week at
Etsy may have a reputation as a place to buy monogrammed throw pillows and hand-knit hedgehogs, but the site also has some of the greatest vintage goods on the internet. When youu2019re trying to infuse your kitchen with a little bit of personality, Etsy is often the first stop on the journeyu2014appealing for its broad range of both Americana and pieces of international nostalgia. With every click comes the sense that you are edging closer to the perfect one-of-a-kind domestic object to embody your spirit. Maybe itu2019s a sturdy little hand-crank ice crusher, circa 1970. Maybe itu2019s an ostentatious milk glass punch bowl. Whether youu2019re searching for cutesy Nordic enamelware, midcentury fish-shaped platters, or grandmotherly candy dishes, here are a few of the best shops on Etsy for kitchenware.
Via Etsy/Boulotdodo
BoulotDodo is the French manic pixie dream girl of Etsy. The shop is full of understated goods that will make your home feel measurably more like a rustic French farmhouse, like this set of plastic egg cups, these swan salt and pepper holders, and this ornamental pick ax.
Via Etsy/Boulotdodo
For those who prefer their eggs poached, these 1950s egg molds will clip onto the sides of a pot of water and shape your eggs into flowers.”

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