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These Quotes from Female Chefs Are the Best Way to Honor Womens Day Tasting Table

“For everyone who longs for a time when there won’t have to be a distinction between chefs and female chefs, when women in the kitchen won’t be judged by their looks instead of their talent or paid less for doing the same work, we’re with you. In this industry and in many others, there is still much work to be done.
While we’re working, though, let’s take the time to celebrate the women in food who inspire us every day. On this International Women’s Day, we turn to chefs like Julia Child, Anita Lo and Dominique Cre
to remind us why they do what they do and to inspire other women to keep going.
Get out there, girls.
u2460 u201cOh, dearie, dainty doesnu2019t do it in the kitchen.u201d u2014Julia Child”

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